Project Riker

When we first got pregnant, I kept referring to our child as "Number 2" which opened up the door to a great many poop jokes and made me feel silly about referring to him that way. So I decided he would be "Project Riker."

Riker being a character on Star Trek referred to by the captain as "Number 1." My mom laughed, but no one else seems to be appreciating my wit.

My husband lets me name everything in the house.

His remote-controlled solar-powered future-robot lawn-mower was referred to as 'mow-bot.' Of course, the prototype needed a name, so I dubbed it "Larry." Because Moe would be confusing.

We didn't want to know the sex of our first child, so while we were pregnant with her, she was referred to as 'parasite' or 'the mysterious speck' (after her first ultra-sound). We mutually agreed on two lists of possible names, but said the child would not be named until we met it.

This time around, we accidentally found out that Project Riker is a boy. And what are we going to name him? You'll know when we know! We'll look in his eyes and the right name will be obvious. To me. Because that's how I roll.

Berry Picking!

I am inspired by the owners of First Fruits Hydroponics (

They had land behind the dog kennel they own and live above, and decided to turn it into a farm! We picked strawberries there on Sunday and had a phenomenal time.

Firstly, it was a huge plus for me that I didn't have to bend over as much, since the fruit grows on towers. The owners were hugely friendly and their 11-year-old daughter played with Lydia when she was done picking. The strawberries were delicious!

They've only been at it for 2 years. It's fantastic to see people in such an over-developed area not being discouraged by lack of land, but embracing it! I am so excited to go back for broccoli and snow peas and many many more strawberries!

Not a Horse

Lydia had a seahorse stuffed animal. Eric told her that it was a seahorse. Lydia got upset and said, "No Horse! Duck!" Lydia strongly and firmly knows what a horse is; and that, my friends, was no horse.

She constantly surprises me with her insights into the world and how it works. And while I can't find the resemblance between a seahorse and a duck, I can see that she's always learning and making connections and becoming stronger in what she knows and doesn't know.

A quick explanation differentiating the sea horse and a 'land horse' with a few book visual aids cleared up the confusion.

I hope she's never afraid to correct us. We'll all learn a lot together.


Lydia has been, in addition to the joy of my life and the best thing to ever happen to me, a little butt, lately.

She is testing boundaries. Completely natural for children to do this, not surprising at all.

She looks at you, clear and hard, with a face that says, "Are you watching? I'm going to do something you won't like to see what you do."

Our cats have a filtered water fountain to drink from. And Lydia has been told, "No, do not splash in the cat fountain. It is their water. They are territorial and also the water is disgusting." And at 10.5 months, I don't know exactly how much of that she understands, but it is very clear she gets the 'No' bit.

So when she crawls back to the back room and looks at me then stands up using the futon and looks at me then takes a step closer to the fountain then looks at me, I'm always pretty sure of what's going to come next. So I run over and re-direct her or I call to her and ask her to come here, or I give her a time-out.

But today I won the game! I figured it out and I won!

When Lydia went over by the fountain, I turned away and watched the TV instead. And I avoided looking at her as the seconds crawled by and I wondered what hell would come next, what instrument of destruction had she unearthed while I callously looked away, bracing myself for the sound of water splashing but instead, I heard the tiny slap-slap sound of her tiny hands on the tile as she crawled back over to me.

Oh, the Crazy

For Valentine's Day, my husband and I took on Home Improvement Activities.

Honestly and truthfully, there IS a lot of romance in investing time, energy and love in our home. Plus, there's the excellent view while holding ladders.

We've hated our kitchen since before time began. All the pink with wood trim and oh god the cabinets are awful in so many ways. The big re-do will happen at some point, but we figured we'd give ourselves a head start by tearing down the ceiling and putting up a higher one, to match the cathedral ceilings in the rest of the house.

To allow for maximum work time, we started after putting Lydia to bed. And so began the longest most tiring weekend since giving birth.

Whoever wired our house was probably on crack, so we spent most of the time re-wiring (learning electrical work has been particularly pride-inducing for me. Yay new skills!). We still haven't gotten to the point where we can drywall, but another weekend is upon us. And so our celebration of love for each other can continue!

The Cold

A three week cold snap in Florida is probably the worst thing ever to happen to conversation. We can't get enough of talking about seeing people bundled up, how cold it is and how long it's been cold. And to those of you not familiar with weather in Florida, by cold I mean it drops below sixty during the day and even touches the thirties at night. We all left your frigid north-lands for a reason.

And the life I created, the beautiful giant bounty of cherry tomatoes, bell peppers and banana peppers, well, they were not meant for this world. It's been hard, going out to the garden. My rugged survivors, the broccoli, lettuce and onions, they are on their own until I can bear the sight and removal of their more fragile bed-mates.

Merry Christmas!

About a third of the way through her giant stack of presents:

Best Christmas Yet!


I Have Created LIFE!

Remember back in October when my garden looked like this:

Times have changed, my friends!

I'm so excited! We're already planning bigger better gardens! And even if bugs destroy our whole garden tomorrow, we have still won, because we had lettuce from our garden on a sandwich! How cool is that?

Lydia has inspected the bell pepper plant (you can see the peppers! They are awesome!) and determined it to be acceptable.

The cherry tomatoes and the banana peppers are also looking fantastic. Yes, we like our fruit vegetables, is there a problem with that?

Standing Date II: The Stuff I Forgot

I was rushing when I posted last, and completely forgot the additional cute that happened shortly afterwards.

After all the hub-bub of Lydia's First Stand had died down, and we stood around chatting, Lydia decided to take on standing again, and this time fell forward, bonking her head on the wagon.

I stood her back up and made attempts to calm her, and Andrew sang "The Itsy Bitsy Spider" to her. By the end of the song she had calmed down. Nothing like a serenade to make you feel better.

I can't believe I skipped that bit.

Standing Date

A neighbor of ours, Andrew, is four. He sings songs to Lydia, practicing being a big brother; He has a little sister due in January.

The other day, as she smiled and laughed when he talked to her, I said, "You like Andrew, don't you? Don't like him TOO MUCH, now..." His grandmother laughed and said we should arrange a marriage.

Today, Andrew was going by on his scooter while Lydia and I were on the porch, so we joined him and his grandmother. When he got back to his house, Andrew brought out a red wagon for Lydia to ride. Such a nice boy!

As I put her in it, I said, "Now you have to pull very slowly," so he b-a-r-e-l-y moves the wagon at all, taking a whole minute to move an inch. I tell him he can go a little bit faster and he carefully pulls her along at a very nice slow pace.

We got back to our house, and Eric was pulling into the driveway, so we stopped to greet him, and as he was fiddling with my new shiny fancy phone, Lydia, holding each side of the wagon with a hand, pushes herself into a standing position. She STOOD! There is no way to properly encompass the reaction of the adults. But Andrew. That adorable little boy ran excited circles around the wagon waving his arms in excitement.

So maybe I'll be ok if she does decide to like him too much.

New shiny fancy phone picture taken pre-standing:

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