Oh, the Crazy

For Valentine's Day, my husband and I took on Home Improvement Activities.

Honestly and truthfully, there IS a lot of romance in investing time, energy and love in our home. Plus, there's the excellent view while holding ladders.

We've hated our kitchen since before time began. All the pink with wood trim and oh god the cabinets are awful in so many ways. The big re-do will happen at some point, but we figured we'd give ourselves a head start by tearing down the ceiling and putting up a higher one, to match the cathedral ceilings in the rest of the house.

To allow for maximum work time, we started after putting Lydia to bed. And so began the longest most tiring weekend since giving birth.

Whoever wired our house was probably on crack, so we spent most of the time re-wiring (learning electrical work has been particularly pride-inducing for me. Yay new skills!). We still haven't gotten to the point where we can drywall, but another weekend is upon us. And so our celebration of love for each other can continue!